About YiffHaven

A place to yiff, enjoy the free HD furry porn, and feel free to upload your own!

YiffHaven has hand-picked high quality furry porn.

If you are looking for furry porn pictures, go and visit Pictures to check out the latest pictures.

How are we different to Yiff.Party?

While we host the best artwork, we DO NOT condone stealing it from Artist Patreon accounts.

If an artist wishes to charge for a piece of artwork, we support it, and will not try to go around it.

Quite the opposite, we actually have a page full of links to Artists Patreons.

We understand that Patreon is important for Artists, and we don't condone theft of content.

DCMA / Takedown Requests

If you see your hard work up on this website, and you don't want it here, please get in contact and we'll take it down. Provide as much information as possible to prove your ownership. Email us at [email protected] and we will get in contact as soon as possible.

Referencing / Copyright

Because of the amount of content on YiffHaven, referencing each pictures original location is difficult, especially when they come from all corners of the internet. We try to obtain it from the original artists when ever possible. For this reason, the watermarks / artist names embedded on the photos play a large role in referencing the original artist. We WILL NOT remove the original watermark, and if you find your artwork with it missing, PLEASE CONTACT US! We want your watermark to be there. On the other hand, if you find your artwork with someone elses watermark on, we encourage you to contact us and get it fixed.

Contact Us

Email us at TheYiffHaven[email protected] for any questions or requests.